Go Because Of Radio Improve Or Acquire A New One

You didn't see it...it was not broadcast on the evening news...it did not make the headlines of the local paper but last week worlds changed, and new horizons were breeched in the voyage of discovery that lives inside each of us.

So what is a two way radio way baby monitor? It is a relatively recent innovation. It allows parents to talk back to their baby and it is a feature that many many parents love. In essence they give you two things: a way to check on your baby, and a way to continue parent-child bonding. Sometimes all your baby needs is to hear the sound of your voice and it will be soothed back to sleep or at least a calmer state...all without you having to sprint to the bedroom or wherever they are. It helps parents take back control of their daily life so they don't have the constant shuttling back and forth. Note though that most parents use it judiciously and mix in "live" visits.

What mom and dad could not radio earpiece was squash the mounting glimmer in the eyes of our little travelers as they prepared for their adventure. The "expedition force" sat out on an adventure that brought them together as brothers and sister...helped them understand what it means to look out for each other...gifted them with the early seeds of independence, knowing all the while that "home base" would always be just the press of a button away for each of them.

"I drove to Los Angeles and flew [from the Burbank airport] to Chicago. I made contact with Wayne and briefed him on the plan. He packed his bag and we caught a plane back to Burbank, and then drove to Vegas. I had a work car stashed in the underground parking garage of my condo. We had the piece [a .22 pistol], security equipment, and walkie-talkies, everything we'd need.

That extra something we have is indescribable, we just call it our "Magic". We can't believe that this thing is true but there are no denying events that happen to us each day. The magic is all encompassing and seems to get better each day; this is not your typical new love flash. There is some other power to this magic, a separate and continuous entity that has been around for awhile. It's as if we knew each other in another life and have hooked up again for another try.

One of the most common items that every parent needs as soon as they bring the baby home from the hospital is a baby safety monitor. If you're not familiar with what they do, they are essentially like a hands-free "walkie talkie". There are two parts to a Baby safety monitor; One part stays in the babies room and the other part stays with the parent. When it's turned on, you can hear ever little sound that is coming out of the nursery. You can hear sounds like a baby crying, trying to talk, coughing and even breathing. What these monitors do is give you peace of mind when you can't be in the room with the baby.

Knowing the types of questions you will face at the oral board is key; your key to preparation, and your key to pitching yourself to the board. One of the most asked about questions are the scenario questions. Scenario questions are somewhat self-explanatory, and they give the interviewee a situation with a tough decision at the conclusion. They will pit the interviewee against departmental norms, ethics, peer pressure, the law, and personal feelings. "Between a rock and a hard place," would be the best metaphor. These questions don't stop there. You will be challenged on your answer.

It is no doubt that two-way radios have come along way over the years. Most people have found them impossible to live without, just like cell phones! From starting out at a maximum range of about 2-5 miles, you can now find them with maximum ranges of up to 14 miles! Next time you are on the go with friends or family, make sure you're prepared and take a two-way radio along. They may just prove to be pretty handy.

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