What May Be The Digital Tv Deadline?

This is office party weekend and, accordingly, the Colorado State Patrol and local law enforcement agencies will be out in force looking for drunk drivers.

Make an announcement in your church about the caroling. Send out notices in your neighborhood and ask neighbors to leave porch lights on. If you carol best with the porch lights off they can always turn them off when the Carolers get there. Discuss a route for caroling and set up a neighbor hood watch as you go along your route. Most people will be glad to help. Notify your local earpieces for police radios, make sure they know your route and make sure you stick to it.

Welcome to Huntington Beach unless, of course, after reading this, you decide you would rather steer clear of this friendly place. If you get into a traffic accident inside the city limits, you will be presented with a bill of up to $3,000 to cover the response of the airwave radio. There's actually a price list. If you are trapped in your vehicle, that's $2,000 to pry the metal apart to free you. If there's a fire, it will cost you $750 for the fire services to put it out - that's on top of the $405 an hour for every fire truck that attends the scene of your accident.

Go for total convergence: First, get your cellphone hooked into a tetra radio service - there are many mobile services available and many, many more are on the way. Next, get a mobile TV service going - it's about 10 bucks a month, but that's nothing if you want to really pimp your buddy up. Now, get mobile VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) going - make calls to anyone in the world using your local connection! Bang, that's gonna get you some cool eyeballs! Now - here's the sucker punch - build all these features into a full screen phone! Mobile companies are coming out with full screen phones where everything is touch operated and the screen lights up when touched! Imagine a full screen phone with radio, TV and Mobile VOIP! Cool!

Live clean. Don't drink, smoke, and definitely do not do drugs or fornicate. Horror films are morality tales and it is the immoral that die first. That, and it is harder to run from, or kill, a bad guy if you are faded. It would be really lame if the first time you saw a werewolf was when you were buzzing on whatever. What would be even more lame is no one would believe you because you were drunk or high.

People like that on the roads are scarier than the cops. Last year 771 people received DUIs in Colorado during the holiday party season and it is safe to assume that they were a small percentage of the partyers behind the wheel.

Know the names of the kids you will have with you and at various points do a tally, and check your list. Have more than one Chaperone. Stay clear of cars and as usual make sure everyone tetra radio goes to the bathroom before you get started. Have a hot chocolate, warm up spot on your route and make great music. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas.

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